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One of the biggest problems with building crazy amounts of backlinks with tools like SENuke XCR, Magic Submitter , Xrumer or any other SEO software package is getting backlink indexing .

Now, SENuke comes with an indexing script that helps to index your backlinks and other submitters can automatically ping your backlinks, but I have found that this isn’t always the best way.

Yes, the SENuke backlink indexer does work and pinging is a great way to get your links indexed, but some will slip through the cracks. This method is absolutely guaranteed to get all of your backlinks indexed and pass on a massive amount of link juice to your money site.

I build about 2,000 backlinks to each of my sites every week so I needed something that could properly handle my link building campaigns.

I researched this stuff forever and I tried a lot of products. If you’ve read my blog, you know that I’m cheap. I will spend money on software, but I won’t pay for unneeded services such as Linkilcious. Plus, I want to be in control of my backlinks and this allows me to do it.

I have used Backlink Energizer and it works, but this method is faster for getting all of your links indexed and you don’t have to deal with finding RSS feeds. Plus you get all the link juice of a blog. Okay, let’s get started with my link indexing secrets!


There are a lot of tools that I use for my link building campaigns, but the staples in my arsenal are:

Get Article Pro
The Best Spinner
Magic Submitter
SecurityKiss VPN Tunnel

You don’t need all of these to use my method, in fact, you don’t really need any of them. However, these tools help me do in an hour what would take a month to do by hand. Get Article Pro is a lifesaver for finding content and backlink indexing so if you don’t have it, get it. It has crazy features that allow you bulk spin the scraped content with TBS and batch post to WordPress blogs. More on that in a minute. Now that you have your tool list, let’s start out with the method.

1. Get Free Hosting Accounts

I would recommend creating a new email address with Yahoo, GMX or AOL before you start. You’re going to be creating some free WP hosting accounts and it’s best to get all of the confirmation emails in one place so you can refer back to them. Once you have registered your new email you can start registering at this list of free WP hosting accounts:

There are a ton of others, but these are the ones I use because they have free cPanel hosting. When you sign up for them, create your new subdomains for free. Some people like to register new domains, but I’m cheap and I wanted to try to do all of my link building and backlink indexing without having to pay for domains, hosting services, etc.

Choose your subdomain carefully. I like to put a keyword into the subdomain that I’m trying to rank for. Yes, this is penalized by Penguin, but I’m not trying to rank for the keyword with these sites, I’m only trying to get them indexed. Once they are indexed they are going to pass on the link juice with association to that domain keyword.

When you sign up for your new subdomain, click on the “switch” button to switch over to cPanel. Navigate through the menu until you come to “AutoInstaller.” Click on the autoinstaller button and then click on the WordPress icon from the choices on the page to install WordPress on your new satellite site.

Note: Ideally you would want to have different kinds of sites pointing back to your money site instead of all your satellite sites being WP.

All of these free hosting accounts will allow you to install BuddyPress, WikiMedia, Drupal and a myriad of other platforms, but I haven’t found a way to do a bulk upload to them. So, for right now I’m just using WP. If you have a way, shoot me a message!

If you are nervous about looking spammy to Google, use a different login for each WordPress site.
Have “kmaught04” for and then “dmknight” for another and so on and so on. When you post to the satellite sites the login is going to be the author. Google will see this so make sure that are using a variety of different logins.

You can use the same password for each of the WP sites though. Wait for the auto-installer to install WordPress and then login. Customize each WP site for whatever you want. When I was first starting out I just left them alone.

Then I realized how much traffic was actually coming to each of them and I started putting ads for affiliate products and other stuff inside the WordPress satellite sites. My income quickly grew about 20%! Once you have registered the sites, consider monetizing them for some extra cash.

Go into the settings menu for each of the WP sites and click on the “Writing” tab. Put a check next to the “XML-RPC” option at the bottom for remote post uploading. Once you have done this for all of your new satellite sites, create a category for your posts. You only need one so don’t worry about putting a ton in there. Ideally you want to have your category be a keyword you are trying to rank for.

When you’re finished with that, delete the “Hello World” post and the sample page from the WP blog. I like to take the header picture out too, but this is just my own preference. Leave it if you want or put your own customized header pictures on each blog to make it look less spammy.

2. Getting Content

Now that you have your satellite sites it’s time to get some content for them. As I mentioned before, my favorite scraper is Get Article Pro. This is by far the best article scraper and all in one content solution I have found. Load up Get Article Pro and type in the keywords from the subdomains of the satellite sites. For instance, if you named one of your sites “weightlosstips,” type “weight loss tips” into the prompt.

If you want to use proxies you can. I have never used proxies with GAP and I have been fine. Wait for the program to stop. You want to get as much content as you can. Depending on this niche it can get thousands of articles. I would also recommend using Dropbox if you have multiple computers like I do to drop these articles onto.

Once you have your content, go into the different add-ons at the top of Get Article Pro. Click on the Batch Spinner option if you use The Best Spinner  . GAP also lets you use SpinnerChief so if you prefer that you also use it. Enter your TBS login into the menu and then click on the “Import Folders” option.

Load your scraped content into the prompt and then click the “OK” button to load them up. Click on the “Identify Synonyms” icon. Wait for the program to transfer all of the articles to the left side of the screen and then click the little arrow at the bottom to send them back over. Click the “Random Spin” icon to get a random spin off your new unique content.

3. Adding Links

Adding the links to your articles is easy with Get Article Pro. Go back to the add-ons menu and click on the “Link Adder” icon. When it loads, click on the “Load Articles” button. Load your newly spun articles into the link adder. Now click on the “Link Creator” icon.

Click the “URLs” button and navigate to your list of backlinks that you want to use. The URLs should load into the creator. Now click on the “Keywords” icon and load a list of keywords that you want each backlink to anchor text with. You can create this list in Notepad with one keyword per line.

Click on the “Create Links” icon and save the links list to your desktop. Now click on the “Load Links” icon in the “Link Adder” interface and choose the link list from your desktop. I like to do about 3-4 links per article. Anything more than that will look extremely spammy to Google so avoid this. Wait for your links to be added to the content and you’re done with this step.

Now, here is where you can go crazy if you want. I have found this to be the “secret sauce” of getting really high rankings. When you’re creating your links, toss one of your satellite sites into the mix so you’re creating a link wheel.

For instance: Let’s say you have “weightlosstips,” “weightlossproducts” and “weightlossfast” as your satellite sites. When you put backlinks into the content for weightlossips, put a link to “weightlossproducts” into your content. So now, your “weightlosstips” site is pointing to your money site and to “weightlossproducts.” When you’re creating links to “weightlossproducts” put a link in for “weightlossfast” and so on and so on until you have a fully functionable link wheel.

I have created 10 satellite sites with link wheels like this in one day so if you’re only dealing with 5 you should be able to do it in a couple of hours.

4. Create A Account is one of the best tools I have found for syndicating my content to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Back in the day they would allow you to post to Linkedin and Delicous also, but they have cut that out. You can upgrade if you want, but I have found that the free account works just fine.

Grab the RSS feeds from your satellite accounts (use Feedburner or just do a Google search on how to get it) and put into your account. allows you to use up to 5 RSS feeds per free account so you should be covered with this.

Note: Ideally, you will want to have separate accounts per satellite site. This will make your link building much less spammy and you will get more traffic from having different Tumblr accounts.

5. Create A Tumblr Account (Or Accounts)

Go to Tumblr and create accounts for your satellite sites. Tumblr is easy to sign up with and you can sign up a ton of accounts within a couple of hours.

When you sign up, make sure that you’re creating usernames for the keywords that you want to rank for. If possible, get the same username as the satellite site that are going to use the feed for.

Customize the Tumblr blog as you like. At least edit the blog title and the description so you will start ranking for these keywords.

6. Go Back To

Go back to and click on the “Destination” icon. Now click on Tumblr. You can also add Twitter and Facebook accounts if you want. It is an excellent way to get more links, but it will take some time to create them for 5 different sites. Tumblr should be enough, but if you want to do it to the fullest, follow through with these.

Authorize your account on Tumblr for remote posting in the prompt. Now click on the “Settings” option under your Tumblr destination icon. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR RANKING. Make sure that you put a check nex to the “Post Body” icon. Click on the “Advanced” icon and turn on tags. Use the maximum of 5 for better traffic to your Tumblr accounts. Save the settings.

7. Go Back To Get Article Pro

Click on the add-ons menu and click “Batch Post To Blog.” Now, enter your first satellite site address into the box. Enter your username and password to log into the site. Click on the “Get Categories” button and the XMLRPC.php address should come up. Choose your category and then click on the “Import Folders” icon.

Click on the folder that has your spun content in it. Click on the “Spinned” folder and then click on the “Links” folder. Press “Ctr” “A” together to select all of your spun articles with the links in them and click “OK.” Your articles should have loaded into the program.

Now click on the “Tags” button and enter a bunch of tags for your posts. Click “Random Schedule” to randomize the postings. This makes it look much less spammy.

Now choose how many days you want to spread your posts over. I like to do a month for per 100 posts. Click “Post” and wait for the articles to post to your first satellite site. Rinse and repeat.

When you’re finished, your satellite site will be linked to our money site and your other satellite sites. The backlinks that you want indexed will be posted to your satellite sites and then fed to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter through your account.

This helps you build backlinks while indexing backlinks and gives you massive link juice back to your money site!