What do people say about The Linden Method?

I have been thinking time and time again about how to write this review. It has taken me a year to do it, and I am still not sure how to explain myself. But i have put it off long enough.

How do you thank someone, for saving your life, and making it so much more than you could have ever dreamed it could be? For helping you take a life of paralyzing fear, depression, alcoholism, and anger, and turn it into a fulfilling, exciting, and joyous thing? My word fail me. It seems like “Thank You” could never be enough. But, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I was on 4 different medications to manage my anxiety, depression, and hypertension when I was just 25 years old. I couldn’t leave my wife’s side when we were out shopping because I would just feel so terrified if I lost sight of her. I had massive panic attacks that would last for hours. My life was a nightmare. It wasn’t who I wanted to be, and there were times when I resented my life for giving me a reason to continue living.

Then I found The Linden Method. This man started talking about his condition, and it sounded so much like my own life. I instantly felt less alone. I immediately felt hope. I ordered the program.

Upon opening the box I listened to the Panic Attack Eliminator. I knew that once I fully understood everything in that short audio track I would never have another panic attack again. I started the manual, and the other audio tracks. Everything I read and heard gave me the tools I needed to rebuild myself without inappropriate anxiety. The withdrawals from my medications were terrible (made ten times worse by the fact that my doctor told me there would be no affects.) I went through every possible withdrawal symptom and then some. I wouldn’t have been able to cope without the Linden Method email team. I was so desperate for help. I realize now, that they didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear at that time because they were telling me what I NEEDED to hear. To them I am eternally grateful.

Today I went on my weekly 12 mile run by myself. We went to group meditation at the local Zen Center, I met some nice folks out of the blue, I studied for my mid terms at school, and I took time to tell my wife how much I appreciate her. I have lost over 60 pounds. I have switched to a plant based diet. I no longer drink, I am in training to be a wind turbine technician, and my wife and I are starting to plan for a family.

I am not bragging, I am just amazed. Over the last year my life has not just improved, it has finally begun! I could not have done any of it without the help of Mr. Linden, and his team.

Charles, please know this. I will be forever grateful for what you and you team has done for my wife and I.

This may sound weird, but it’s true. I love you sir. From the bottom of my heart Thank You.