Best iPad Puzzle Games

While equally as entertaining, puzzle games almost always carry the same problem as board games — the bulky pieces. Coincidentally, this problem is also addressed by the fact that the iPad is a compact arcade machine.

I love some types of puzzle games. Action puzzle games had me suckered in since the time of the DOS game, Lemmings to the Resident Evil’s puzzle solving sections. I have a few puzzle games in my iPad and I will share them to you here.

If you love a good game that requires thought process, then this blog post is for you. I have compiled the best iPad puzzle games for those people who love a good thinkering to solve a dilemma.

Ready? Think. Go!

1. CUT THE ROPE ($1.99)

Cut the rope is a psychics based game involving a green critter called Om Nom and candies. The objective in each level is to bring the candy, suspended by ropes to Om Nom who sits somewhere in the level. It might sound really simple, but add elements of anti gravity, electricity, bubbles and the like and you get a really fun and challenging game.

Cut the Rope has three games in iTunes, Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift and Cut the Rope: Experiments

2. RAGDOLL BLASTER 1 AND 2 ($0.99 AND $4.99)

Backflip’s Ragdoll Blaster is just pure fun to play. This physics-based game’s aim (pun intended) of the game is to hit the target using a ragdoll and the launcher. Sometimes, the target is obscured by things, like boxes, for example and you would have to clear them out before hitting the target. There are also some times that either the launcher, the target or both are moving, so you would have to time your shots too. The game employs the element of trial and error, much like Angry Birds.

3. WORLD OF GOO ($4.99)

This game is just amazing. World of Good fondly remind me of Lemmings and it does it really beautifully. The object of the game is to bring the goo balls into a pipe by turning some of them into platforms which the others can cross with. World of Goo does have a great physics engine, and it shows on the terrain, the weather and how a goo bridge squiggles like jelly. The graphics is presented in a kooky, endearing manner and the sounds is a top notch ear candy.



De.Mess.ify is a very challenging puzzle game indeed. I kinda gave up on the first world. This however will be a goody for those who want a real hard challenge.

The objective of the game is to move around the marbles, connected with strings so that no two string overlap each other. It sounds easy at first but it is insanely hard.

Give it a try. It is free.

Download Link: (Update: Unfortunately, I could not find it in iTunes anymore. Will edit this back when it goes back up)


5. BURN THE ROPE ($2.99)

Burn the Rope might sound like a knock off of the game I mentioned earlier, Cut the Rope, but this one delivers a completely different gaming experience. The premise for the game is rather simple. You need to burn as much of the rope presented to you as possible. The ropes are presented in different figures like a goat head or a planet. Because fire burns upwards, you must constantly turn your device round and round to keep the fire burning and prevent it from fizzling out. This might sound easy, but wait till you hit intersections where you must keep two or more flames from dying. To make things more interesting, you can burn bugs that when scorched, will help you out in the game, for example, the spider that create silk silk bridges between ropes.


In Ynth and its sequel, Beyond Ynth, you take control of a creepie crawlie bug called Kribl. The point of each level is to move from point A to point B by going inside boxes and rolling them around. Of course, much like any other adventure puzzle games, obstacles are there, like falling acorns and balls that can squish the little fella if you are not careful in moving the box around. It is kind of hard to explain, so the video above might be able to help you out.

7. BEJEWELED 2 ($0.99)

Two words: PopCap. Okay technically, that is just one word, but PopCap does have the knack for creating uber quality games (like PvZ) and Bejeweled is one of those. You are given a stack of gems and you have to swap two adjacent gems to create three in a row or column (or more) to clear them and get scores.

8. MYSTICGLYPH ($1.99)

Mytic Glyph is much like a sliding puzzle game with paths. The paths does alternatingly make it easy and harder, but what makes Mystic Glyph harder than a normal sliding puzzle game is that the glyphs are harder to solve and if you slam a wrong piece into the puzzle, you cause a reset.


9. SUDOKU HD ($0.99)

Sudoku, the numbers puzzle with the math is in the iPad. My girlfriend just adores my iPad’s Sudoku HD. Sudoku HD features four different difficulties, from easy to insane, and the annotations feature of the game make it easier for you to solve. No more cluttery paper and pencil Sudoku games!


Honestly, I do not like Sokoban, but I cannot bear to delete this app from my springboard because my puzzle loving girlfriend also loves this one. Sokoban Pushbox is free, so you are free to try it and see if you like it. Sokoban Pushbox has multiple seasons releases, all free, so you might want to prepare some space in your iPad or group them altogether.


11. RISE OF ATLANTIS ($3.99)

In Rise of Atlantis, you go around the Mediterranean in ancient times to collect magical artifacts to raise Atlantis. The puzzler happens in every trip to a country. You implore a match-3 puzzle where various power ups can be employed, including the sun, where a huge portion of the play field is removed at random.


12. MOXIE 2 ($2.99)

Moxie 2 (I have no friggin’ idea where win the world Moxie 1 went) is a word game where you are given three random words and a wave of 60 random letters. You would have to replace a letter in any of those three words (or add them at the end) to produce another word. The game punishes your score for twoddle (not a word entry) or repeated words. Highest scorer gets the bragging rights for being a word geek. Try to beat the word’s best 10 (which are too high for me).

13. RUSHHOUR ($2.99)

The people in my office just love this game. The objective is to slide the red car out from the tangled mess of vehicles. Unlike cars in real life, the cars here can only move back and forth. Pretty fun to watch people solve this game, but I believe this is a really challenging puzzler.


Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow is what you think it will be: a detective game. If you like finding items in a cluttered background, much like the Facebook game, Gardens of Time, then you will love this game. Along with the tried and tested find this game, there are some sparkly items that open up a mini game that needs solving before you can pick them up. The mini games range from the simple jigsaw puzzle to fitting pieces of puzzle into a contained where nothing overlaps. Pretty fun puzzle game.


Jigsaw puzzle. This game features the best artworks of Michelangelo turned into jigsaw puzzles. In addition to that, you can get a little background on the piece of art used.


How about you? Any good looking puzzler game for the iPad you want to share? Tell me!