Akismet blocks VPN Clients from posting!

I know of nothing more than this, Over at Growmaps page we were discussing “Akismet is Deleting Comments We NEVER SEE!”

We’ve seen in the past a few blog post about Akismet, I would like to point them out for you now:

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As you can tell from just reading the few articles, that there seems to be a growing number of bloggers who are unhappy with Akismet and are wanting them to change their ways. I am sure I am not the only one but am quite concerned with how they are dealing with the situation. I’ve been reading comment after comment from Akismet, whether they are staff members or the owners, I am unsure as to who they are.

What are Akismet blocking??

I recently made a discovery on this. I was at my favorite restaurant and wanted to make a comment on Growmaps Website over my observation on the subject. I write a really long comment and hit post. Next thing I know it isn’t posted or in the spam folder. Now you must realize that have been an active participant on this subject for several days. So I know my comments aren’t been marked as spam.

I however did some thinking of what has changed and the only really big thing that I can come up with is that I was on a VPN using Hotspot Shield. Anyway, I tried posting using Hotspot shield, I was after all in an open hot spot and wanted prevent snoopers from reading or seeing my passwords and other such sensitive information. I tried several times to post using the VPN and I had no luck what so ever. So I came home trying posting to her board again and I had no problem.

I summarize that Akismet is blocking IP’s and any free VPN service to prevent spammers from being able to hide their true IP. This would pretty much prevent anyone from posting comments on any free VPN, I don’t know about the paid VPN services but I do know the when I was using Hotspot Shield it wouldn’t post or put the message in the spam folder. Thanks to Growmap for looking in the spam folder for me.

Something Akismet needs to change!

Although I might not be best person to talk about this, I do find that their are a few areas where they need to fix the problem and also help the bloggers. I will talk about them in detail, and If I miss any you are more than welcomed to leave a comment and talk about it some more.

Give Bloggers more control — It is our blog and we should have the last say so. We should be able to override a spam comment if we think it is not a spam comment by having ways to prevent it from being marked as spam.

Let bloggers have a Whitelist — This is way for a blogger to enter a IP or an email address that should be able to post without a problem. If by chance someone IP was used by another person and that IP is been deemed as a spammer, there should be ways to prevent a Username ore or a email address from getting in the spam folder.

Let Bloggers have a Blacklist — Same thing as the Whitelist but lets you decide if a person or IP is just to abusive in commenting or their comments aren’t really helpful. This might be helpful for those of use who know an IP is border lined and don’t want that IP to post on my board only. This give greater control and leniency to the spammer who aren’t really spamming, but trying to be helpful or insightful.

What about the blank page Problem??

This has also been brought up in our discussions and I have been thinking about this and come to the conclusions that a programmer wouldn’t want the browser to go to a blank page, so this must be of design. I say that because of the chance of a bot net who tries to follow links. Although the bot writers have certainly created timeout loops to prevent bots from stopping this would however create a way to slow them down.

Bot’s would most like to go from blog to blog trying to post in each and every they come to by way of checking each URL that is on the page. When the bot tries to post something they go to a white screen with no links, this would most likely stop the bot from getting any further.

I suspect that this is a design and they also know about the Automatic deletion of comments with out the bloggers knowledge or the commenter knowledge. This is the only logical, if they know this is a bot it will obviously be a comment spam and that doesn’t need to be verified. So it automatically deletes it, thus I think Akismet knows flat out they are deleting your comments without any verification from any bloggers or the admins.

I just rescued two of your comments from SPAM but this comment made it live by itself. Are you saying that you used the same name (techlinkblog) and URL in ALL the comments but the other two got blocked because of the words in the comment itself?

I do not have any words blacklisted in this blog unless they are profanity and I don’t think I even have any of those blocked. I do not use any other plugins like WPSpamFree which also blacklisted words automatically.

This makes the issue even worse. Even if you test to make sure your name and URL aren’t blocked you would have to test every single comment too – if Akismet decides to give us back the place to test. I had no idea how serious this was until now.

From Growmap

I must say after her comment, I am quite convinced that Akismet is blocking certain words like “BOT” and “Spam”. They may be looking for certain words and blocking them so people won’t know. At least that is my theory and I am almost certain of it!!

Do you know what is going on? I’d like to hear from you. I hope this has been a educational experience and hope you leave a comment and help me solve this problem. I really think there should be more control but that is just me.

Have a good Wednesday, See you Friday!!