Stop Spam Comments on your Blog

When you create a WordPress blog most of the time you open it up to comments and you add a contact us form for people to interact with your site. The problem with this of course is the issue of spam. Other sites, human advertisers, phishing and spamming bots all begin to find your site and start to add comments.

Every time a comment is sent to your page, especially if you have approvals on you get emails to say that a new comment has arrived. Sooner rather than later, especially with popular blogs you get sick of seeing the constant emails telling you that a comment has been posted telling you to click on their link to find the best product ever. Some comments even pretend to be human complementing you on how good your blog is, then of course you notice the link used for the person and it links to whatever site wants to hijack your page as a backlink.

Stopping Spam
There are various ways to stop spam, one of these is to add CAPTCHA but even that can be worked around now but there is a powerful add-on available for WordPress called Akismet. What this plug in does is identifies if the comment is real, spam or as it terms it “ham” which is suspected spam but worthy of checking just to make sure. Setting up the plug in is very simple; the first thing is to load up the dashboard for your WordPress blog. Select to add a new plugin and in the search box put in Akismet. You should find it’s the first one on the search results.

Once it is installed you should find that under plugins you now have an Akismet Configuration option which will take you to the configuration. Click on this and you will notice that it is asking for an API Key. To get this you will have to go to and sign up for the service. This will provide you with the API Key that you enter into the configuration page. Once it is up and running you will also have Akismet Stats under the Dashboard menu. This is where you will be able to see exactly how much spam has been caught by the system.

Once the Akismet plug-in is installed and the API ID is added you will find that the amount of spam will be very minimal sometimes non-existent if you are lucky. This makes it a lot less annoying when you are checking your comments to see if anything interesting has been posted.