Secure Pertinent Company Information with Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is when you use an offsite IT service to monitor and maintain your companies data information. Instead of investing in more servers and hiring more technical professionals to govern your important crucial information, a cloud hosting company will protect your vital information.

Cloud computing will add functions that you can do with your information and give you the space on your computers for your daily routines. Your company will not need to train more personnel or take out new software licenses when you partner up with a cloud hosting company.

Technical hardware usually needs to be upgraded at least every three to five years. Your cloud host company would take on the added cost of upgrading technical equipment and training the personnel needed to protect your vital information. Your IT department would then have the time to handle the smaller problems with the in-house equipment and work on new applications to enhance your business. Your business would have no need to design floors plans, set up storage areas, or install IT equipment if your company moves to a new location. Your company would be up and running in a matter of a few minutes when you have a cloud host for your technical services.Your

cloud hosting

company will store all your applications and protect your information against spammers and anything trying to infiltrate your company’s important data. As your business grows, more virtual servers can be added to host all you business needs. Your informational operation requirements can be handled by virtual servers with dependability and be cost effective. You will no longer have the problems of flakey memory, crashed hard drives, or power failures to contend with during your working day. All these problems will save your company working hours that are put to the better use of building your business.

Clusters of virtual servers can handle those businesses with large volumes of demanding applications, users, and services. When integrating more then one virtual server host, the virtual server cluster will allow you the ability to create a private cloud computing system that will grow with your business. The virtual cluster will provide uninterrupted service at a very fast pace.

You will have no interruptions to your informational flow if one server goes down in your cluster. The other servers will immediately take over the tasks with no performance or quality lost. You will constantly have your information available to all your users. Virtual Server Clusters can be designed for your environment so they meet your needs for your applications, services, and users. Security for your applications and services will be enhanced by being set up on their own virtual server hosts. You will have no downtime when you have a cluster of virtual servers. Your applications and critical information will always be at hand.

Many organizations are discovering that storage of all their vital information has become a problem. A more cost effective and efficient way to store all you data, emails, and private media applications is with virtual storage. Your private cloud computing service can virtually store all your data no matter how much you demand for storage. Virtual storage is backed up; secure and available for your use if you should ever need the information.


SimCity – Time to Sit in Your Sandbox and Enjoy these Cheat Codes

Now that The SimCity release has calmed down and the servers seem to be managing to deal with the demand we can now get to playing the game. After all the complaining and the debate on whether the server dependency should be in a game like this, and the ever present problem with DRM we do tend to forget that there is an actual good game there.

The beauty of SimCity is of course that you can be creative. One of the main complaints people have is that the area in which you can build a city is too small. This is something that Maxis may be able to fix in the future, if they decide to do so but the fact is that SimCity has always been popular for the ability to be creative. Sometimes instead of playing the “social” side of the new game it’s fun to just play alone. This is what Sandbox mode is for, it gives you a chance to just build a city without the worries of disasters and other worries.

The Sandbox Cheats
One of the other things that the Sandbox mode offers is the ability to cheat, in fact the game itself doesn’t hide this fact it says it on the Sandbox option. The cheats are also easy to enable, and I’ll list them below. These are typical cheats such as adding money (the most interesting cheat) and others toggle different aspects of the game. Basically it’s to make the game fit what you want to do, with the ease of adding money it won’t be long till you have a thriving city, unless of course you suck at building them then all the money in the world can’t help you. Here are the cheat codes:

ALT+W – Adds $100,000 to your money.

ALT+F – Toggle fires in your city on or off

ALT+C – Toggle crime in the city on or off

ALT+M -Toggle health issues in the game on or off

ALT+A – Toggle air pollution on or off

ALT+P – Toggle ground pollution on or off

ALT+H – Toggle homeless Sims on or off

ALT+S -Toggle sewage on or off

These cheats will only work in Sandbox mode so you’ll find that they are pretty useless in the main game. This is only fair as now SimCity is more of a social game and you have to work with people in the surrounding city it would be unfair for you to be piling up the money and having an edge over the other players. If you want to cheat you’ll just have to play alone in your little sandbox, and personally I can’t see that being too much of an issue.


Small and Midsized Retailers get Fans and Customers with Venpop Facebook Fan Offers

Getting loyal fans is a difficult task for brands of all sizes, especially smaller retailers who don’t have the big marketing budgets of their corporate counterparts. The importance of being able to connect with fans through social media is quickly becoming an integral part of every online marketing strategy. And while providing good content and conversation will organically grow your fans, offering fans exclusive offers, will result in quicker fan growth over a much shorter period of time. Venpop has developed a Facebook fan offer application that allows retailers of all sizes to collect customer info, grow fans up to 200%, and get sales, in as little as 2 short days.

The reason behind the success of the fan offer application lies in both the retailers’ ability to exclusively reward just their fans and the ability to identify those genuinely interested in the brand. The Venpop fan offer consists of a like-gate feature, which when clicked on unlocks an offer. Visitors to the page must become fans in order to access the deal. When fans buy the deal that information is shared in their newsfeeds; making it easy for their Facebook friends to also benefit from the deal and for the deal go viral. Information about the customer – including their email address – is also collected by the application and made available to the retailer.

Venpop’s fan offer also works in connection with hyper-ta rgeted Facebook ads. Venpop identifies people on Facebook that are interested in the retailer’s offer and shares it with them. The targeted ads make it so retailers gain fans that have a genuine interest in the brand who are much more likely to convert to customers.

Retailers can provide their fans with a deal of their choosing. It can consist of a product, download, or coupon code that retailers aren’t forced to take a loss on, which is often the case with other deal sharing platforms such as Groupon. This makes an especially big difference for small retailers who too often cut prices or take losses in an attempt to acquire new customers.

Green Feet Case Study: Fan Offer Seeking to increase fans and exposure, Venpop and Green Feet, an eco-friendly store teamed up to reward Green Feet Fans with an exclusive fan only deal. In two days, this small business that normally gets 11 fans a week grew 161 fans during the same period. That is more than 14 times the usual fan growth; extraordinary growth to any retailer but especially a small retailer. And this fan growth carried over for the next three weeks after the campaign had ended. The two day campaign allowed Green Feet to jump start its fan base by a total of 261 fans or over 10% of their overall fans.

In two days, Green Feet also sold over half of the discounted deal it offered. This was a set of environmentally friendly lunch tins offered at 40% off the retail price.

Venpop fan offers make it possible for small business on a very limited budget to collect valuable customer data, get sales, and boost fans.


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – Just Another Horde of Nazi Zombies to Shoot At

You would think that when a sniper wants to take a shot at somebody the best type of person would be the slow moving ones that are unlikely to take any notice of you if you are far enough away. This would make the zombie the perfect victim. When it comes to the new version Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, I doubt this was the first thing on their mind.

In a way the Call of Duty games are to blame for making the zombie a popular enemy in war games. It’s not like Nazi zombies are a new thing though, we’ve seen them in the movie world too though. In a game that should be focusing on taking out enemies that are far away though, what fun can there be if you are staying away from the walking dead slaying action? The answer seems to be if you are not playing with friends, not a lot.

Story, or Lack of It
People who have played Sniper Elite V2 will take a look at Nazi Zombie Army and be able to tell straight away this is pretty much a standalone DLC for the original game. You don’t need to own the original, and thankfully it’s fairly cheap. It’s also only for the PC. The story, of what tere is of it is pretty much there are zombies so go shoot them with your sniper rifle. If they get too close then simply use your backup weapon to kill them. There is an introduction to the story that tells you that Hitler, near defeat has initiated “Plan Z” unleashing the zombie apocalypse which turns the Nazi army into zombies. You as Karl Fairburne (the main character from the previous games) must travel through Germany and find a way to stop him.

The game is made up of five missions and you’ll easily recognise the environments from Elite V2. There has been some work done though to make them look more devastated by war and the effects of the zombies. Most of the work you do in the game is to make your way through streets as wave upon wave of zombies attack, you have to pick them all off, survive the onslaught and make it to safe rooms where you can resupply. There are a variety of zombies to fight, including ones with weapons and even boss zombies. This does provide some level of variety as you fend off sniping zombies, ones with mini guns and even skeletons.

To fight the creatures off you have your trusty sniper rifle, a backup gun for closer comeback and a variety of different mines, grenades and other explosives that you can stock up on at the start of the mission. For fans of Elite V2 you’ll probably be happy to know that X-ray kill cams have been included again, so you’ll be able to see the impact your bullets have on the insides of the zombies.

The big problem is that the single player game can be quite dull. Even with the variety of zombies that are trying to kill you it still feels repetitive at times, this is where multi-player comes in to try save the day. It’s fair to say that Nazi Zombie Army starts to feel more fleshed out when you play with a few friends. The ability to revive people who have fallen to the zombies makes for a better game, it just feels more fun.

If you are fans of the Sniper Elite games then there is a chance that you will enjoy Nazi Zombie Army, that is if you are not sick of zombies by now. It’s pretty evident that this was a game designed to be played with friends, zombie killing is not meant to be a lonely business. At $14.99/£10 on Steam it’s a game that really fits its discounted price don’t expect much and you may just have a few hours of fun.


Social Media Marketing – Born for Online Businesses

Social media marketing is the process of increasing online visibility of Brand, Company or Individuals via social networking websites. Social media revolves around the concept of viral marketing. Piece of information shared on social website spreads like anything in fraction of seconds in the different corners of the world. If your information (Photos, Videos, text, Audio) content is interesting, powerful and compelling enough then the word of mouth will spread from one social network to another social network. This is the major plus of social media marketing that a deserving content grows and promoted on its own viral on social websites.

The Power of social media is matchless and can’t be simply compared with any other online marketing ways. I will explain the logical reasons behind this statement later during this blog post.

With the increasing users on social media websites like and the business opportunities are increasing with these social sites. Nowadays, an active social media networking campaign plays very vital role for the overall growth of small, medium and high level businesses. Companies prefer to keep focus on social media marketing as one amongst the other marketing strategies for the complete marketing solution for their business.

Here we will discuss few key benefits for Social Media Marketing:

Brand Popularity: Social media can be used as vital tool for brand awareness/ brand recognition. It gives you freedom to describe and promote your company/business brand the way you want. Powerful social networking platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… allows you to develop customized business page for your Business. Moreover these social websites are equipped highly advanced and useful features that you can best use to develop and promote your online business identity for your brand. Latest surveys and studies brought into attention that 89% of marketers say social media generates more business exposure.

95% features of social media websites are absolutely free of cost and you can use then to share powerful and interesting information that can further help to increase fan base on particular social networking website. Increased fan base leads to increased number of leads and hence business opportunities & sales.

Access to your Fan base: The best part of social media is that you know who your fans are and you have full access to them all the time. You can share any information to your fans, your send them personalized messages at any time and more if your fans have shared their personal contact information on social websites then you will have access to their personal information. You will get to know about your fans experience with your business and accordingly you can appropriate corrective actions for improvements, if any required. You can extend any special discounts, deals and offers to your fans time to time basis to convert more sales. Real time user experience shared in the form of feedback by your fans is awesome feature of social media and can help you for exponential growth online. So indirectly you have access to your instant leads that you can convert to sales with effective social media marketing strategy.

Cost Effective: As i have mentioned above that 95% of social media features are absolutely free of cost. All you need is in-depth knowledge of various features and how to use them effectively to help to grow your business online. You have opportunity to convert millions of online users to your fans at no additional cost. You can sell your products through social networks, your customers will have opportunity to see, compare features and prices for your products and if everything stands unique from the rest of the crowd then no one can stop you to make uncountable number of sales online.

24/7 Marketing: As compare to traditional marketing where you end up spending thousands of $$$ to advertise your services, products on news papers, magazines, roadside hoardings etc… in most of these channels you have limited time frame in which your advertisement will be displayed. On the other side these social networking sites provides 24/7 access to your brand, products, services worldwide and helps to provide instant access at all the interested users/viewers inside their homes only. They don’t need to go anywhere to see your advertisement, they do not need buy any magazine, newspaper to see your advertisement all they need to do is to have a social account on social networking website that comes absolutely free of cost and res the world is with you.

Magical Authority: In addition to interesting information that you will be sharing on social networking websites to engage your audience there is another factor which plays very vital role to hold the attention of your customers. This magical factor is called quality score of your social business page. Different social networking websites have different mechanism and technical terms to display this authority factor.

In Facebook: Fans is what refers to as the Authority score of your network. This is the first thing visible to your online users when land on your social networking business profile. If you have high number of fans then your authority score will win the confidence of the landed customers and there is good probability that immediate user will also become your fan. This is always the main goal of every social media marketing campaign that they should be able to increase fan votes bank rapidly. This is direct measure of success of social media marketing campaign.

In Twitter: Followers is what refers to as the Authority score of your twitter social network. Higher the number of twitter follower votes higher is success rate.

Similarly different social networking website use different terminology to indicate the followers of respective brand on respective network.

Referral Traffic: This is the key feature for online businesses. You can direct your fan base to visit your official business website that helps in making more sales through referral traffic. With the help of various features of these social networking websites you can share your products on your social networks along with their photos, price details, website link and product description and much more… to facilitate your customers. This can help to develop the initial interest of the customer and they can further click on the website link to visit the website online to further verify the required details or they can also inquire about other product options on the business website. The overall traffic for your website official website can be increased exponentially via effective social media marketing strategy across various high traffic social networking websites.

Serious Business Opportunities: While most of the online users consider Social media as a source of entertainment and social community enhancements only, but they most of the time forget about the other side of these high traffic social networking website that these can actually turn into serious business opportunities as well.

As we all know social media is growing rapidly and the influence is such that from very small level companies to very high level companies want to be part of this vital online space. From small scale businessman to high level entrepreneurs are present on these high traffic social networking websites.

LinkedIn is highly authoritative platform for professionals from different corners of the world specialized in different technologies. You never know if you/your company will get an opportunity to come across any high level company or entrepreneur looking for the skill set that you/your company is specialized in and this can turn up into a big business growth for individuals and companies.

Stay connected and subscribe to our blog to read more inside secrets of Social Media marketing and tips. Visit and browse through services section to avail social media marketing services to promote your business now!


Sonic Dash – Maybe a Run too far for Sonic?

It’s fair to say that the Temple Run games and their clones such as Survival Run with Bear Grylls have proven that the endless running games are not only popular but perfect for playing on smartphones and tablets. Whether it’s swiping your finger on the screen or tilting the device to interact with the character it’s easy to play and strangely addictive. On the negative side they also work well with microtransaction systems pushing the player to make payments to gain extra chances in the game and power ups. It was only a matter of time before known game characters started to appear.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the type of character that has fans who are obsessed, they’ve collected his merchandise and played his games almost all of their lives. This is why it’s no surprise whether good or bad that he’d turn up in a game like Sonic Dash. He’s the mascot for Sega so has turned up in many games that fans would rather forget about, so even if this is bad they’ll probably just accept it. With a character like Sonic who is all about running and speed you would think that he would be perfect for this type of game, in many ways he is.

As with most endless running games the story is pretty much non-existent, the object here is just to run and keep on running. As with previous games it’s a case of collecting rings and using Sonic’s speed to make progress through the levels. Fitting in with game model you also need to swipe the screen to jump and duck, also to move left and right on the road. Strangely though there is no tilting the device in this one it’s all on screen interaction.

As with a lot of his games there are quite a few characters now. When you start the game you’ll get a choice of players, though not that many. The choice between Sonic, Tails, knuckles and Amy does give a little variety, but you’ll have to unlock the characters (other than Sonic) to be able to play as them. Now for the downside, the unlocking comes at a price. This is where microtransactions come in.

Sonic Dash, although not free is a game that pushes you to make microtransactions in quite a big way. It wants you to buy rings so that you can make quicker progress, which to be fair is something the other endless running games do too but at least the Temple Run games are free. As with Temple Run though you don’t have to make payments you’ll just have to take your time in collecting normal and red rings to make progress.

As mentioned the interface to the game is all touch screen based. To move left and right it’s just a case of swiping in the direction that Sonic needs to go. When required to jump an upwards swipe makes him jump while downwards makes him duck under obstacles. As you can tell this is the typical controls of games like Temple Run so won’t be anything unusual for people who’ve already played them. Even Sonic fans who’ve not experienced it before will easily pick it up.

For a Sonic game this feels quite lazy, but it will kill a few hours. I’m not sure if it’s got the staying power for fans to keep with it though and it’s obvious that pushing people into microtransactions when they’ve already paid for the game may put some off. I’m sure there are plenty of Sonic fans out there though that will buy this just for his name, and will probably enjoy the way that it replicates the 3D feel of some of the games he’s been in. I’m also sure though that Sonic fans expect more of their favourite characters and may give this one a pass.

Sonic Dash is available for iOS devices with Android coming soon.


Sony VAIO Duo 11 a Tablet/Laptop All-In-One Option for Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 is getting closer and closer it’s time for the touch screen laptops and tablets to appear and fight to be the one everybody wants. Sony are known for their stylish machines and innovative ideas, especially with their VAIO computers and with the Sony VAIO Duo 11 they are definitely looking at making an impact with quite a unique laptop/tablet hybrid.

Unlike many tablets that have a keyboard that slots onto the tablet itself the Sony VAIO Duo 11 hides the keyboard behind the screen when not in use. When the keyboard is required all the user needs to do is simply slide the tablet back and the keyboard appears.

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is for all intents and purposes an Ultrabook, just not as thing as the average one. At 17.85mm thick and weighing around 1.3kg, but in truth with its fairly unique use of the sliding screen you can’t really expect it to be that thin. The main worry of course with this type of mechanism is how easy is it to actually slide the screen? With this being Sony of course it’s fairly seamless. All it takes is a touch to the back of the screen and it will move to reveal the keyboard simply enough.

The screen itself is around 11.6 inches in size and the graphics are big and bright. With a full HD resolution (1,920×10,080) and vivid and bright visuals it’s a perfect laptop and tablet to use for Windows 8 and its new touch screen interface (just don’t call it Metro). The graphics are said to look impressive, which will obviously be important in the battle for Windows 8 computer supremacy.

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 comes with the usual connections but with an added Sony treat. Along with two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, VGA and Ethernet ports there is a card reader and Bluetooth. To add to the connectivity Sony has added NFC for One Touch connecting with other Sony technology. On front and back of the unit there are also 2-megapixel cameras.

Windows 8
Of course the most important selling point of the VAIO is Windows 8 and how it uses the hardware that Sony are making available to it. This means that the touchscreen will be a major part of the usability. Sony is looking to provide all the power of a PC in the form of a tablet, something that has been done in the past but Microsoft is pushing for once again. From what we’ve seen so far when it comes to Windows 8 this is something to look forward to, but it’ll be interesting to see just how easily adopted it is when so many people are happy with Android and iOS tablets which do everything we need them to do.

As a laptop instead of a tablet this puts the VAIO and every other Windows 8 laptop in competition with even greater competition, that being the MacBook Air but that’s a competition that will always rage on between Microsoft fans and Apple fans. It is a fact though that Apple’s latest MacBooks are offering more power and very nice specs with their computers, so they are very inviting alternatives to the latest PC varieties.

As with all laptop/tablet computers that are using Windows 8 right now the Sony VAIO Duo 11 is very much in a “wait and see” situation. When Windows 8 is finally out and these computers are released alongside it it’s going to be a question about who is willing to adopt the technology. One thing is for sure though Sony has definitely given a very enticing prospect with this computer. The idea that you can just slide the screen out of the way to use the keyboard is much more usable than having to carry the slot on keyboard around, and with added technology such as NFC this could be one of the top contenders in the market at the moment. Now to see how much money they are going to ask for such a nice touchscreen laptop.


Sony’s upcoming Walkman S series to feature built in Bluetooth and FLAC playback

Sony has actually simply added a new addition to their Walkman S range of safe and clean media players for the Japanese market. Although the PMP style seems to be winding down, a few companies like Sony are still of the point of view that they will certainly make it through in the future. The brand-new models, as a result of be released in Oct around the 19th, will be offered in three capacities– the NW-S784 in 8GB, the NW-S785 in 16GB and the greater end NW-S786 equipped with 32GB. sony-walkman-s-series-1

The aluminium shell will certainly be offered in some very elegant color choices containing– Black, White, Blue, Vivid Pink, Light Pink and a bright Environment-friendly. This new S Set model comers with a 2 inch LCD display sporting a 240 x 320 pixel resolution. Assistance for FLAC around 16bit/48kHz, WAV and AIFF styles are all supported long with MP3, WMA, ATRAC, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, AAC and also HE-AAC. With digital sound termination modern technology and audio enhancements like Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, and certain stage audio top quality should not be a concern for a lot of. For those considering additional tweaking, Sony has actually likewise featured a choice to adjust the beat of the music as well as included an ABDOMINAL repeat feature.

sony-walkman-s-series-5 Another enticing function is inbuilt Bluetooth with complete assistance for A2DP/AVRCP/OPP. Online videos in MPEG 4, WMV and couple of other styles could additionally be played back on the gadget. While the new S collection player has plenty to offer it does look like more of an MP3 music gamer as opposed to a complete fledged PMP. And although audio quality may simply be up there with the most effective, it only implies needing to carry around an added gadget just for songs. The 8GB NW-S784 will be priced at $152 (15,000 YEN), the NW-S785 (16GB) at $182 (18,000 YEN) and the 32GB NW-S786 is visiting be valued at $213 (21,000). The 32GB version will just be available in the black, white and blue models.


StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – Is it Enough of an Expansion to Make it a Worthy Purchase?

It’s fair to say if there is one thing that Blizzard Entertainment gets right it’s creating games that garner a dedicated fanbase. We’ve seen that in the Diablo series of game, World of Warcraft and StarCraft. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty may be around three years old now but fans have always known that there were two more instalments coming, even if somewhat annoyed that it felt as if the games was separated into three parts.

StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm now concentrates on the insectoid Zerg troops and their leader Sarah Kerrigan the hybrid human and Zerg Queen who in the first part of the game lost her memory but looks to reclaim it before leading her troops onwards. Fans will of course want to know just how the story continues, but also what multi-player elements have been added. Also, just as importantly is it worth the extra money after all this time?

As mentioned above where Wings of Liberty focused on the Terran (humanoid) troops we now look to the Zerg forces to continue the story. Sarah Kerrigan, although at the end of the first game was left without her memories of being the Queen of the Blades at the start of the game in the tutorial missions. This is so that battles can recommence with her in full command once more. This means to rebuild the swarm and focus on defeating Arcturus Mengsk the Terran dictator, and lets not forget the Protoss of course.

In the game you take control of Kerrigan and her forces with the aim of collecting resources, scouting the surrounding area, building up forces and preparing for battles which inevitably come as the enemies swarm your bases. The Zerg strategy during warfare is to build up strength in troops as their organic method of production means that they can build basic battalions relatively easily as long as you have the resources to provide the required materials. It’s pretty standard RTS style gameplay in true StarCraft 2 style already cemented in place in Wings of Liberty. With a few refinements to the user interface and AI though and fans will no doubt notice subtle improvements.

It’s arguable that the weakness of Wings of Liberty was the single player mode and little can be said to have changed here. Some of the missions are quite linear in style but with a new perspective to fighting as the Zergs have a different way of entering the battles and managing their troops. The single-player missions will continue the story side of the game, but it will always be the multi-player side that is the strength of StarCraft 2.

The single-player missions in StarCraft 2 are never said to be a focus of long term gameplay, most players will likely rush through it so they can get back to playing against their friends, or foes. New units that have been made available liven things up in gameplay and after three years this is only to be expected if they are to liven up the game. Each team (Terrans, Zergs and Protoss) have new units and weaponry to play with including the Zergs Viper, Terrans Widow Mines and the Protos Oracle Units.

The ranking system for multi-player games has also gone through an upgrade to not only keep the seasoned players happy but also help newer players to find their place in a multi-player world that has had a few years to form. Players will find that they aren’t pushed into unfair battles with people way above their level.

After three years there are obviously going to be questions as to just what improvements have been made in the game. For the hardened fan expecting big things they may feel disappointed, but for fans looking for something to just refresh StarCraft 2 for them it may be enough. Then of course there will be the new fans who will also have to buy a copy of the first StarCraft 2 game too (as this is being sold as an expansion) who will just enjoy the overall experience. So to sum up for StarCraft 2 it’s a worthy expansion but one that could have gone a little further. Now just to see how long it takes until the final part of the game is released, which will of course also mean even more money will have to be spent.

Computer Phone

Sylvania Android Tablet Reviews

The Sylvania Android Tablet PCs are not as popular as other big brands from North America and Europe. In fact the products are very cheap just like the Chinese products with very limited features but very decent for a cheap product with low price tags. Let us therefore, have a look at some of the Sylvania tablets that you can acquire if you are looking for a cheap tablet to carry while travelling long distances reducing the risk of losing an expansive tablet like iPad mini or something like that while being on the run.

Sylvania SYTAB10ST
This is a 10 inch tablet device that has a Linux 1GHz AMD processor with just 0.5 GB RAM. It has the maximum screen resolution of1024x600 pixels with an impressive 6 hours battery life. Very decent Wi-Fi connectivity with a decent touch screen sensibility. However, many users have complained this device to suddenly shut down or freeze while using for a long time. But it can be said that the overall performance of this product have been better than any Chinese tablet device that can be bought at the same rate.

Rating: 3/5

Sylvania SYTAB7MX
A good 7 inch tab to be acquired cheaply to perform some basic functions. It has a slim and lightweight structure that would enable anybody who is travelling to carry the device comfortably while working with some basic multimedia features like listening to movies, watching movies and browsing the internet. However, it has a very short battery life where multi-tasking may be difficult as well. The good thing about this tab is that it has an HDMI port unlike any budget 7 inch tabs where the users can transfer screen images to HDTV.

Rating: 3.2/5

Sylvania SYNET 7LP
Another Sylvania 7 inch tablet to perform basic functions at a very low cost. This product cost as low as $99 with pretty moderate functionality and features to offer. It has an ARM 11.1 GHz Intel Pentium M processor with 256 MB of memory. It has a longer battery life than the other 7 inch tab from Sylvania where multi-tasking can be moderately performed although the top proficiency may not be expected. Moreover, on the outside this tablet looks pretty good with a decent design where some basic functions can be performed like browsing the internet, checking mails and reading ebooks. Certainly, one cannot expacta to device to perform better than this by just spending $99.

Rating: 3.2/5

Sylvania SYTABA848C-DB
Probably the most expansive Sylvania tablet which is available in the size of 8.4 inch but the features that are included in the devices may not be worth the money. It maybe expansive in terms of a Sylvania device where it is still very cheap compared to the 8 inch tabs from other brands. It has a Linux 1 GHz AMD Processor which I moderately fast and smooth for something that can be bought for $200. It has a very low RAM of 512 mb which is not at all good for today’s standard. However, the good thing about this device is that it has good mutli-touch screen with smooth functionality and also very comfortable to play games and watch movies on with a decent graphics and screen resolution.

Rating: 3.3/5