How to Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon heart gold to Pokemon silver

You may be wondering how to remove a save file from Pokemon Heart Gold or if you inadvertently erased a prior saved game file. The majority of these concerns may be addressed by emphasizing that Heart Gold is not the only game that allows for this. Almost every cartridge game on any platform supports game saving. Indeed, the latest edition of Heart Gold has a setting that enables you to disable the storage for previously saved games. That is the most efficient method of avoiding needing to find out how to erase the save file Pokemon Heart Gold cheat.
This is probably unnecessary, but it is a good security practice for the safety and well-being of your game cartridges. When you remove a game file unintentionally, you must carefully determine what to do next. Fortunately, recreating the save file before it is overwritten by a subsequent copy is very simple.
If you’ve recently downloaded the Pokemon gold or heart gold versions, you’ll need to first download a copy of flash to your computer. To download a flash game, you must first have the necessary software. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you may install the flash player, which will enable you to play Pokemon games on your computer. Once the software is installed, copying and saving your Pokemon games should be secure.

If you already have flash installed, you should be able to locate a save folder on your Pokemon HGG. When you open the folder, you’ll see a Save files folder. It shouldn’t be difficult to determine the game you’re searching for, but if you’re uncertain, just search for the Pokemon game. This folder contains all of your previous saves. If you’re having difficulty locating a previous save, just search for your game in the main menu to get a list of your previously saved files.
After locating your Pokemon game, enter the folder to see a Save file option. There are many folders from which to select. One of them will almost certainly be for the Pokemon version you’re presently playing. After selecting the folder in which you wish to store your Pokemon, you’ll enter a new folder and replace the existing one with the new one.
After selecting the folder in which you want to store your Pokemon, click the save button. Your Pokemon will be transferred to your PC, where you may copy it to your hard drive. However, before you do so, you must remove the Pokemon games from your computer. This is very straightforward – the icon is often located in the start menu or something similar.
Once you’ve removed it, shut any active applications to avoid interfering with your work. Following that, locate your Pokemon and open the folder in which you stored it. Not the Pokemon heart gold folder, but the Pokemon game folder. It’s critical to keep this in mind while you’re doing something.
Once the Pokemon game has been launched, you’ll want to ensure that you have the file for the Pokemon you want to transfer, if you don’t already have one. Open the save data folder in which you previously stored your Pokemon and replace it with whatever you previously saved as a Pokemon. Save everything, and your Pokemon will be added to your box. Repeat these procedures to transfer any other Pokemon you may have.