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Don’t worry – I’m not gonna send you some sort of affiliate pitch for that product everybody else is pimping right now…the one that’s “supposed” to be the best way to lose weight fast.
You know – that thing that promises you to burn 1000 calories every workout?
I get where they’re coming from with the whole ‘burn 1000 cals per workout’ thing…it’s a bitchin’ marketing hook. Though I kinda wonder how they can promise burning 1000 cals per workout with one workout. I mean, if nothing else, it’d depend on your body size and structure.
Like everything else being equal, wouldn’t a guy who’s 6’2″, weighing 250 lbs burn a totally different number of calories than the girl who’s 5’1″ and weighs 115 lbs if they did the exact same workout?
(And if so, then how could this one workout be the best way to lose weight fast for absolutely everybody, if it affects everybody differently?)
Anyway…I did pick up their freebie report with the sample workout in it. It was actually pretty good, though there would a few things I’d change.
The main thing that I’d have changed was that most of the workouts were based on time.
For instance – do exercise A for XX secs, rest YY secs, do exercise B for ZZ secs, rest YY secs, do exercise C for AA secs, rest YY secs, etc. You then repeat the workout for the week, adding reps & circuits, decreasing rest, etc.
Cool plan. Except I’m not a fan of doing a lot of exercises for time like that. It’s the same reason why I think doing most exercises for the Tabata-like prescription of 8 rounds of 20 secs on / 10 secs off is stupid, too.
(Yeah, that one gonna piss certain people in some fitness circles off.)
Here’s the thing – to do a program along these lines the ‘right’ way, you’ve gotta move fast, explosively, intensely, etc. This, means that you’ve gotta be able to have a certain baseline of being able to perform an exercise a certain way, with a certain weight.
Ok – that made no sense. Lemme try again.
For instance – say you were gonna do barbell squats for 30 secs straight. If you could squat 500 lbs, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you could do say 135 for the 30 secs, and do them all fast, explosively, not rest between reps, etc.
But what if you could only squat 275 lbs? Could you do the same 135 in the same fashion? Prolly not. No problem – drop it down to 95 lbs.
But what if 185 is your max? Ok…drop the weight and just do bodyweight squats.
But what if you can’t do the bodyweight squats straight for 30 secs? If you can’t perform the exercise for the entire time period in that fashion (fast, explosively, no rest, etc) then it loses its effectiveness – at least for this kinda workout. So there’s no point in doing the workout in the first place.
Go back to the guy who squats 275, and is trying to do 135 for 30 secs straight. The first few reps are solid. Then he starts to slow down. Then he’s not as explosive. Then he starts taking a few breaths between reps. Before too long, he’s just doing 3 sets of 15 in tri-set format with other exercises.
Which is all fine and good…but isn’t what would be prescribed for a fat loss program – esp not one to find the best way to lose weight fast. You know?
So you might be thinking – just go light enough so that the exercises can be done ‘right’. Well, first thing you’re gonna do is kiss strength gains goodbye. (Just sayin’.) No point in losing weight if you’re as weak as a 9-year old girl.
But what if you can’t do certain exercises light enough to be done the ‘right’ way? (Think chins or pullups – how many people you know that can do *good* chins…not that kipping crap…for 30 secs straight?)
(…and if you don’t know what “that kipping crap” is…keep it that way, and never find out. Trust me.)
See where I’m goin’ with all this?
Personally, I’d rather give you a set volume of sets and reps. Make the volume high enough overall to increase work capacity, burn fat, and lose weight. Keep the reps per set low enough that you can still train with moderately heavy weights (allowing you to preserve strength and still be explosive…which will also build muscle, burning more calories at rest, and in turn, causing you to lose more weight). And circuit the exercises in a fashion that allows you to continue working your heart and lungs, while some muscles rest while others work.
When all that gets ‘easy’ – make it hard again by using more weight and/or resting less.
It’s a lot simpler system, and IMO, a lot more foolproof. All you have to do is show up and do the work.
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