Would you Let Someone Else Tell Your Child Off ?

I apologise in advance because this is going to be a little bit of a rant, sorry, but the other day at Harry’s soccer game one of the parents really did something that ticked me off. It was the soccer photo morning, which can be a bit long as we had to go for the photos before the game and get all the boys there for 7.30am. All went well, the boys were all relatively behaved, just running around a bit – as you expect kids to do. Then we all went the short way to the soccer field where they were due to play at. It was nearly an hour before they were due to play so one of the Dads and myself took the boys over to a part of the field that was not being used where there was a goal and we lined the boys up and they were having practise shots. They were all behaving and just joking around every now and again, but all was going well.

Then another Mom came over with her son, who can at times be a bit unruly. He didn’t want to join in, she said something to him and he kicked and thumped her. Eventually she persuaded him to get in the line. They my son Harry said to this boy ‘we are shooting into the goal and letting it roll down the hill, it’s cool’. The boy turned on Harry, pointing at him and saying ‘you’re mean, I’m telling’ – ok, he was obviously having a bad day. Harry, just got on with the soccer watching the next one shooting. What happened next, astounded me.

The boys Mom marched past me and stood infront of the line of boys saying in a loud voice ‘Will you all just leave **** (her sons name) alone, he has been away from soccer for 3 weeks and he is just back and you are all just picking on him’ – WHAT ????? I thought, this woman has lost the plot, I had been stood right next to them and nothing had been said or done to him. I let it go and she went back to where she was standing which was further away from the kids than me. Nothing changed, no bullying, nothing, but she then came back and said ‘I mean it, just leave him alone’ (this was in a louder voice). OK, enough. I questioned just what she was talking about and she mentioned 2 names, one being Harry and another boy were always picking on him – WHAT !!!!! Harry had just tried to be nice to him and encourage him and he had been mean back. She obviously didn’t conveniently see the spell earlier where her son had ran at Harry, tried to kick him and Harry had just walked off and not fought back which I am not shy to say made me proud. Don’t get me wrong Harry and Sam (his younger brother) can fight – Harry is no angel, but on this occasion he acted well. She then stood infront of me and pointed at me that she would tell Harry every time, to which I replied if you have a problem with my son, talk to me, approach him again and I will report you. I then told her to get away from me, basically the words used were ‘get out of my face, leave it’. I just needed her to go away. The Dad and another Mom who had come over had taken the boys away while this was going on. I WAS SO ANGRY WITH HER – HOW DARE SHE. She then frog marched up to the other boys Mom who she had mentioned and told her that he had been picking on her son. I waited until she had gone and told this Mom just before she was about to have words with her child that he was not guilty of anything. The whole thing left me stunned. A couple of the Moms there talked to me and said they were glad that I had responded, I did the right thing. I then got myself together because I didn’t want Harry and Sam to see me upset.

During the game she came up and said a very forced and false sorry, which I accepted. I did say again though if you have a problem with Harry come and talk to me and I will sort it. It’s not that I mind a parent putting Harry straight as my friends don’t mind me putting their kids straight if they are not around and their kids are misbehaving, but judging by her outburst and the fact that Harry had honestly, hand on heart not done a thing wrong – I dont want her approaching him again. If she does I am taking it further. Needless to say when I now see her outside the class in the morning the ‘Hello’ that we give each other goes with one of those false smiles.