SimCity – Time to Sit in Your Sandbox and Enjoy these Cheat Codes

Now that The SimCity release has calmed down and the servers seem to be managing to deal with the demand we can now get to playing the game. After all the complaining and the debate on whether the server dependency should be in a game like this, and the ever present problem with DRM we do tend to forget that there is an actual good game there.

The beauty of SimCity is of course that you can be creative. One of the main complaints people have is that the area in which you can build a city is too small. This is something that Maxis may be able to fix in the future, if they decide to do so but the fact is that SimCity has always been popular for the ability to be creative. Sometimes instead of playing the “social” side of the new game it’s fun to just play alone. This is what Sandbox mode is for, it gives you a chance to just build a city without the worries of disasters and other worries.

The Sandbox Cheats
One of the other things that the Sandbox mode offers is the ability to cheat, in fact the game itself doesn’t hide this fact it says it on the Sandbox option. The cheats are also easy to enable, and I’ll list them below. These are typical cheats such as adding money (the most interesting cheat) and others toggle different aspects of the game. Basically it’s to make the game fit what you want to do, with the ease of adding money it won’t be long till you have a thriving city, unless of course you suck at building them then all the money in the world can’t help you. Here are the cheat codes:

ALT+W – Adds $100,000 to your money.

ALT+F – Toggle fires in your city on or off

ALT+C – Toggle crime in the city on or off

ALT+M -Toggle health issues in the game on or off

ALT+A – Toggle air pollution on or off

ALT+P – Toggle ground pollution on or off

ALT+H – Toggle homeless Sims on or off

ALT+S -Toggle sewage on or off

These cheats will only work in Sandbox mode so you’ll find that they are pretty useless in the main game. This is only fair as now SimCity is more of a social game and you have to work with people in the surrounding city it would be unfair for you to be piling up the money and having an edge over the other players. If you want to cheat you’ll just have to play alone in your little sandbox, and personally I can’t see that being too much of an issue.