Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – Just Another Horde of Nazi Zombies to Shoot At

You would think that when a sniper wants to take a shot at somebody the best type of person would be the slow moving ones that are unlikely to take any notice of you if you are far enough away. This would make the zombie the perfect victim. When it comes to the new version Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, I doubt this was the first thing on their mind.

In a way the Call of Duty games are to blame for making the zombie a popular enemy in war games. It’s not like Nazi zombies are a new thing though, we’ve seen them in the movie world too though. In a game that should be focusing on taking out enemies that are far away though, what fun can there be if you are staying away from the walking dead slaying action? The answer seems to be if you are not playing with friends, not a lot.

Story, or Lack of It
People who have played Sniper Elite V2 will take a look at Nazi Zombie Army and be able to tell straight away this is pretty much a standalone DLC for the original game. You don’t need to own the original, and thankfully it’s fairly cheap. It’s also only for the PC. The story, of what tere is of it is pretty much there are zombies so go shoot them with your sniper rifle. If they get too close then simply use your backup weapon to kill them. There is an introduction to the story that tells you that Hitler, near defeat has initiated “Plan Z” unleashing the zombie apocalypse which turns the Nazi army into zombies. You as Karl Fairburne (the main character from the previous games) must travel through Germany and find a way to stop him.

The game is made up of five missions and you’ll easily recognise the environments from Elite V2. There has been some work done though to make them look more devastated by war and the effects of the zombies. Most of the work you do in the game is to make your way through streets as wave upon wave of zombies attack, you have to pick them all off, survive the onslaught and make it to safe rooms where you can resupply. There are a variety of zombies to fight, including ones with weapons and even boss zombies. This does provide some level of variety as you fend off sniping zombies, ones with mini guns and even skeletons.

To fight the creatures off you have your trusty sniper rifle, a backup gun for closer comeback and a variety of different mines, grenades and other explosives that you can stock up on at the start of the mission. For fans of Elite V2 you’ll probably be happy to know that X-ray kill cams have been included again, so you’ll be able to see the impact your bullets have on the insides of the zombies.

The big problem is that the single player game can be quite dull. Even with the variety of zombies that are trying to kill you it still feels repetitive at times, this is where multi-player comes in to try save the day. It’s fair to say that Nazi Zombie Army starts to feel more fleshed out when you play with a few friends. The ability to revive people who have fallen to the zombies makes for a better game, it just feels more fun.

If you are fans of the Sniper Elite games then there is a chance that you will enjoy Nazi Zombie Army, that is if you are not sick of zombies by now. It’s pretty evident that this was a game designed to be played with friends, zombie killing is not meant to be a lonely business. At $14.99/£10 on Steam it’s a game that really fits its discounted price don’t expect much and you may just have a few hours of fun.