Social Media Marketing – Born for Online Businesses

Social media marketing is the process of increasing online visibility of Brand, Company or Individuals via social networking websites. Social media revolves around the concept of viral marketing. Piece of information shared on social website spreads like anything in fraction of seconds in the different corners of the world. If your information (Photos, Videos, text, Audio) content is interesting, powerful and compelling enough then the word of mouth will spread from one social network to another social network. This is the major plus of social media marketing that a deserving content grows and promoted on its own viral on social websites.

The Power of social media is matchless and can’t be simply compared with any other online marketing ways. I will explain the logical reasons behind this statement later during this blog post.

With the increasing users on social media websites like and the business opportunities are increasing with these social sites. Nowadays, an active social media networking campaign plays very vital role for the overall growth of small, medium and high level businesses. Companies prefer to keep focus on social media marketing as one amongst the other marketing strategies for the complete marketing solution for their business.

Here we will discuss few key benefits for Social Media Marketing:

Brand Popularity: Social media can be used as vital tool for brand awareness/ brand recognition. It gives you freedom to describe and promote your company/business brand the way you want. Powerful social networking platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… allows you to develop customized business page for your Business. Moreover these social websites are equipped highly advanced and useful features that you can best use to develop and promote your online business identity for your brand. Latest surveys and studies brought into attention that 89% of marketers say social media generates more business exposure.

95% features of social media websites are absolutely free of cost and you can use then to share powerful and interesting information that can further help to increase fan base on particular social networking website. Increased fan base leads to increased number of leads and hence business opportunities & sales.

Access to your Fan base: The best part of social media is that you know who your fans are and you have full access to them all the time. You can share any information to your fans, your send them personalized messages at any time and more if your fans have shared their personal contact information on social websites then you will have access to their personal information. You will get to know about your fans experience with your business and accordingly you can appropriate corrective actions for improvements, if any required. You can extend any special discounts, deals and offers to your fans time to time basis to convert more sales. Real time user experience shared in the form of feedback by your fans is awesome feature of social media and can help you for exponential growth online. So indirectly you have access to your instant leads that you can convert to sales with effective social media marketing strategy.

Cost Effective: As i have mentioned above that 95% of social media features are absolutely free of cost. All you need is in-depth knowledge of various features and how to use them effectively to help to grow your business online. You have opportunity to convert millions of online users to your fans at no additional cost. You can sell your products through social networks, your customers will have opportunity to see, compare features and prices for your products and if everything stands unique from the rest of the crowd then no one can stop you to make uncountable number of sales online.

24/7 Marketing: As compare to traditional marketing where you end up spending thousands of $$$ to advertise your services, products on news papers, magazines, roadside hoardings etc… in most of these channels you have limited time frame in which your advertisement will be displayed. On the other side these social networking sites provides 24/7 access to your brand, products, services worldwide and helps to provide instant access at all the interested users/viewers inside their homes only. They don’t need to go anywhere to see your advertisement, they do not need buy any magazine, newspaper to see your advertisement all they need to do is to have a social account on social networking website that comes absolutely free of cost and res the world is with you.

Magical Authority: In addition to interesting information that you will be sharing on social networking websites to engage your audience there is another factor which plays very vital role to hold the attention of your customers. This magical factor is called quality score of your social business page. Different social networking websites have different mechanism and technical terms to display this authority factor.

In Facebook: Fans is what refers to as the Authority score of your network. This is the first thing visible to your online users when land on your social networking business profile. If you have high number of fans then your authority score will win the confidence of the landed customers and there is good probability that immediate user will also become your fan. This is always the main goal of every social media marketing campaign that they should be able to increase fan votes bank rapidly. This is direct measure of success of social media marketing campaign.

In Twitter: Followers is what refers to as the Authority score of your twitter social network. Higher the number of twitter follower votes higher is success rate.

Similarly different social networking website use different terminology to indicate the followers of respective brand on respective network.

Referral Traffic: This is the key feature for online businesses. You can direct your fan base to visit your official business website that helps in making more sales through referral traffic. With the help of various features of these social networking websites you can share your products on your social networks along with their photos, price details, website link and product description and much more… to facilitate your customers. This can help to develop the initial interest of the customer and they can further click on the website link to visit the website online to further verify the required details or they can also inquire about other product options on the business website. The overall traffic for your website official website can be increased exponentially via effective social media marketing strategy across various high traffic social networking websites.

Serious Business Opportunities: While most of the online users consider Social media as a source of entertainment and social community enhancements only, but they most of the time forget about the other side of these high traffic social networking website that these can actually turn into serious business opportunities as well.

As we all know social media is growing rapidly and the influence is such that from very small level companies to very high level companies want to be part of this vital online space. From small scale businessman to high level entrepreneurs are present on these high traffic social networking websites.

LinkedIn is highly authoritative platform for professionals from different corners of the world specialized in different technologies. You never know if you/your company will get an opportunity to come across any high level company or entrepreneur looking for the skill set that you/your company is specialized in and this can turn up into a big business growth for individuals and companies.

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