Sony VAIO Duo 11 a Tablet/Laptop All-In-One Option for Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 is getting closer and closer it’s time for the touch screen laptops and tablets to appear and fight to be the one everybody wants. Sony are known for their stylish machines and innovative ideas, especially with their VAIO computers and with the Sony VAIO Duo 11 they are definitely looking at making an impact with quite a unique laptop/tablet hybrid.

Unlike many tablets that have a keyboard that slots onto the tablet itself the Sony VAIO Duo 11 hides the keyboard behind the screen when not in use. When the keyboard is required all the user needs to do is simply slide the tablet back and the keyboard appears.

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is for all intents and purposes an Ultrabook, just not as thing as the average one. At 17.85mm thick and weighing around 1.3kg, but in truth with its fairly unique use of the sliding screen you can’t really expect it to be that thin. The main worry of course with this type of mechanism is how easy is it to actually slide the screen? With this being Sony of course it’s fairly seamless. All it takes is a touch to the back of the screen and it will move to reveal the keyboard simply enough.

The screen itself is around 11.6 inches in size and the graphics are big and bright. With a full HD resolution (1,920×10,080) and vivid and bright visuals it’s a perfect laptop and tablet to use for Windows 8 and its new touch screen interface (just don’t call it Metro). The graphics are said to look impressive, which will obviously be important in the battle for Windows 8 computer supremacy.

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 comes with the usual connections but with an added Sony treat. Along with two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, VGA and Ethernet ports there is a card reader and Bluetooth. To add to the connectivity Sony has added NFC for One Touch connecting with other Sony technology. On front and back of the unit there are also 2-megapixel cameras.

Windows 8
Of course the most important selling point of the VAIO is Windows 8 and how it uses the hardware that Sony are making available to it. This means that the touchscreen will be a major part of the usability. Sony is looking to provide all the power of a PC in the form of a tablet, something that has been done in the past but Microsoft is pushing for once again. From what we’ve seen so far when it comes to Windows 8 this is something to look forward to, but it’ll be interesting to see just how easily adopted it is when so many people are happy with Android and iOS tablets which do everything we need them to do.

As a laptop instead of a tablet this puts the VAIO and every other Windows 8 laptop in competition with even greater competition, that being the MacBook Air but that’s a competition that will always rage on between Microsoft fans and Apple fans. It is a fact though that Apple’s latest MacBooks are offering more power and very nice specs with their computers, so they are very inviting alternatives to the latest PC varieties.

As with all laptop/tablet computers that are using Windows 8 right now the Sony VAIO Duo 11 is very much in a “wait and see” situation. When Windows 8 is finally out and these computers are released alongside it it’s going to be a question about who is willing to adopt the technology. One thing is for sure though Sony has definitely given a very enticing prospect with this computer. The idea that you can just slide the screen out of the way to use the keyboard is much more usable than having to carry the slot on keyboard around, and with added technology such as NFC this could be one of the top contenders in the market at the moment. Now to see how much money they are going to ask for such a nice touchscreen laptop.