Sylvania Android Tablet Reviews

The Sylvania Android Tablet PCs are not as popular as other big brands from North America and Europe. In fact the products are very cheap just like the Chinese products with very limited features but very decent for a cheap product with low price tags. Let us therefore, have a look at some of the Sylvania tablets that you can acquire if you are looking for a cheap tablet to carry while travelling long distances reducing the risk of losing an expansive tablet like iPad mini or something like that while being on the run.

Sylvania SYTAB10ST
This is a 10 inch tablet device that has a Linux 1GHz AMD processor with just 0.5 GB RAM. It has the maximum screen resolution of1024x600 pixels with an impressive 6 hours battery life. Very decent Wi-Fi connectivity with a decent touch screen sensibility. However, many users have complained this device to suddenly shut down or freeze while using for a long time. But it can be said that the overall performance of this product have been better than any Chinese tablet device that can be bought at the same rate.

Rating: 3/5

Sylvania SYTAB7MX
A good 7 inch tab to be acquired cheaply to perform some basic functions. It has a slim and lightweight structure that would enable anybody who is travelling to carry the device comfortably while working with some basic multimedia features like listening to movies, watching movies and browsing the internet. However, it has a very short battery life where multi-tasking may be difficult as well. The good thing about this tab is that it has an HDMI port unlike any budget 7 inch tabs where the users can transfer screen images to HDTV.

Rating: 3.2/5

Sylvania SYNET 7LP
Another Sylvania 7 inch tablet to perform basic functions at a very low cost. This product cost as low as $99 with pretty moderate functionality and features to offer. It has an ARM 11.1 GHz Intel Pentium M processor with 256 MB of memory. It has a longer battery life than the other 7 inch tab from Sylvania where multi-tasking can be moderately performed although the top proficiency may not be expected. Moreover, on the outside this tablet looks pretty good with a decent design where some basic functions can be performed like browsing the internet, checking mails and reading ebooks. Certainly, one cannot expacta to device to perform better than this by just spending $99.

Rating: 3.2/5

Sylvania SYTABA848C-DB
Probably the most expansive Sylvania tablet which is available in the size of 8.4 inch but the features that are included in the devices may not be worth the money. It maybe expansive in terms of a Sylvania device where it is still very cheap compared to the 8 inch tabs from other brands. It has a Linux 1 GHz AMD Processor which I moderately fast and smooth for something that can be bought for $200. It has a very low RAM of 512 mb which is not at all good for today’s standard. However, the good thing about this device is that it has good mutli-touch screen with smooth functionality and also very comfortable to play games and watch movies on with a decent graphics and screen resolution.

Rating: 3.3/5